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Present for You

You will now get a present for your direct booking!

Book your room on our website or via our direct contacts, and besides the best prices you will receive a gift per room. You can pull from the lucky bag on our reception from valuable gifts such as: Half pension dinner ● Tickets ..

Daily Rate With Breakfast

Rate includes:

- accomodation in the chosen roomtype - hearty breakfast - free WIFI - VAT You are guaranteed to find the best prices on our website. Chose the date and room type and check our actual offer:

Sweet August

Valid between 16-20. August 2019.

Spend the long weekend in August in Sopron. We can guarantee that the mood of the city and the gastronomic specialties of the area will charm you. To cool yourself, you can try the unique taste of Kiwi ice-cream shop located at the ..

Vacation in Sopron

Valid from 15 April until 30 Sept

Book a room in our hotel and we will make your vacation colourful with different programs. First of all, you can look around from the top of the Fire Tower, which towers above the town as the symbol of Sopron. To dive into the features of ..

Experience Cruise Ship Tour

Valid from 1. May until 30. Sept

Are you looking for a matterful relaxation for the summer? Meet the mystic water world of lake Fertő. You can sail through the water of World Heritage starting from Fertőrákos with the Drescher Shipping Company, and from the board you ..

Hot-Air Balloon Experience Flight

Have you ever been above the clouds beside looking outside from a window of a plane?

Fly above forests and meadows in a basket of a hot-air balloon. You can experience the extraordinary program with the Beauty Fly Ballooning team, competing as the second place winner in Hungary, raising the adventurous above 1000 metres, ..

A visit to the empire of tales, not only for children

Validity: 30 March - 24 October 2019

With the arrival of the good weather we find it important to advice you an entertainig and active Program. Choose one of our offers and we ensure you the tickets into the most famous Talepark of Austria, to