Utilisation of Environmentally Friendly Technologies at Hercules Ltd. – registration number “HU09-0133-A2-2016”

Main activities of the project: implementation of an innovative water cleaning equipment at Palatinus Hotel, to clean wastewater from our laundry (and sink) and rainwater collected from the roof of the building. This way water usage and pollution can be reduced by 1200 m3 on a yearly basis, our laundry will use no extra water and will not produce sewage. The AquaOzone 12 water cleaning device uses a multi step water treatment method, its efficiency and capacity what makes it a unique and innovative device. We would also like  to improve the energy efficiency of our services and the bulding by creating a solar plant at the roof of the hotel, and updating the heating system. Replacing radiators to fan coil. The heating system will be suitable for the operation by a modern heating system, the energy usage of the building (our services) will improve significantly. – Creating a solar plant at the roof of the hotel, this plant will produce equal amount of electricity such as the previous one. – Replacement of non energy efficient doors and windows, to improve the energy efficiency of the building and prepare the premises for electric heating and hot water production.

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